Problem in copying figure in MATLAB 2014b

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There is a problem in copying figure in MATLAB 2014b.
When I copy a figure to clipboard in metafile format, that figure is distorted when pasted.
For example, I have following figure.
After copying the figure in metafile format and pasting it, this figure becomes
Of course, this figure is not distorted when copied in bitmap format and pasted.
There wasn't such problem like this when I was using MATLAB2013a before. Is it a bug in MATLAB2014b? And how can I fix this problem?

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Manuel Brose
Manuel Brose on 18 May 2017
Edited: Manuel Brose on 18 May 2017
It happens also on my 2014b version. The first "copy figure" works just fine but after copying it again figures get distorted. I've found out, that it doesn't matter how it's saved, e.g., having it on clipboard or saving it directly as emf. It seems that MATLAB can't handle the copy figure procedure after some unknown circumstances. A simple workaround which helps at the moment: Restart MATLAB, run script and i can copy all figures multiple times without having any distortions.

Sudharsana Iyengar
Sudharsana Iyengar on 18 Dec 2014
have you tried this
eval(['print -dmeta nameofyourfile.emf']);
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Yong-Cheol Kwon
Yong-Cheol Kwon on 18 Dec 2014
Thank you for your answer.
I tried that command.
But what I got is still distorted figure like

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Ehsan Asadi
Ehsan Asadi on 18 Feb 2015
try this:
in the figure, go to edit>copy option> select metfile
it worked for me.
now I can easily use copy option with high quality.
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Prajwol Tamrakar
Prajwol Tamrakar on 29 May 2020
Yes. It worked. It was so simple. :). Thanks a lot.

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Henrik Åsheim
Henrik Åsheim on 26 Feb 2015
I have found the metafile option works fine for simpler single graph things, but troubles with some subplot I have.

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