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Which is faster matlab or matlab online?

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I wanted to train my ML model, but I feel matlab on local machine is slow. I Wanted to know is matlab online faster than matlab in local machine

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Ganesh Gudipati
Ganesh Gudipati on 15 Mar 2022
There might be multiple factors effecting the speed of MATLAB like the System Configurations, Operating System used, etc.
Though the online version works with good speed, MATLAB Desktop is preferred over MATLAB Online for high computational programs.
In case you want to try speeding up the MATLAB Desktop, try the following:
1. Follow the memory management suggestions in the documents below.
2. You can free up RAM by running MATLAB as the sole application.
3. Some people have found that launching without the desktop, and then subsequently invoking the desktop, speeds up MATLAB, both when starting and when running. To do this, you can add the -nodesktop option during startup, and add the following line of code to your "startup.m" file: desktop
4. Increase the RAM in your system to the recommended 128MB or more.
To get more info about the differences between MATLAB Online and Desktop versions, refer MATLAB Online specifications and Limitations


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