Automatic creation of empty file

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Yopery on 2 Mar 2022
Answered: Benjamin Kraus on 2 Mar 2022
Hello, i made a mistake. When you try to open a function that doesn’t exist, it shows a message asking if I want to create it. I pressed yes and « do not show msg again »… Now it creates empty files and it’s a problem. I would like to find the option to cancel this, not to create many empty files all the time while debugging haha. Thank you !!

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Benjamin Kraus
Benjamin Kraus on 2 Mar 2022
I've made this mistake many times. Fortunately, the fix is easy.
1. Press the "Preferences" button in the "Environment" section of the MATLAB Toolstrip
2. In the tree on the left of the Preferences dialog, select "MATLAB" -> "General" -> "Confirmation Dialogs":
3. On the right, check the box next to "Prompt when editing files that do not exist."


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