How to connect arduino with Matlab using HC-05 bluetooth module

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I wish to build a wheeled robot based on arduino that is controlled wirelessly using HC-05 Bluetooth module which gets signals from MATLAB.
MATLAB -> ArduinoIDE -> Arduino UNO [ Accomplished via USB and using adio.pde]
ArduinoIDE -> HC05 Bluetooth -> Arduino Board [ Accomplished using a sample code downloaded online... TX, RX working seamless]
*MATLAB -> HC05 Bluetooth -> Arduino [ HELP NEEDED ]*
All help is appreciated ... Feel free to ask further details so that you help me
Adel Djellal
Adel Djellal on 20 Apr 2017
hello, use:
>> B = Bluetooth('HC-05', 1); %to open bluetooth port
>> fopen(B); %to open bluetooth port
>> fwrite(B,'commmand'); %send controls to arduino via bluetooth, commands can be 'UP' 'DOWN' etc.

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