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I am trying to publish data through desktop MQTT Client, but it's get connected but when I am doing subscribe it says connection lost?

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Hi , I am doing this excample , I have configured MQTT X client , it gets connected to my channel .
But when I am doing subscribe , it get's disconnected , says client not connected?
Also even after entering the required data in topic as per the excample it still says topic required, why it is so?
Someone kindly suggest what I am doing wrong in these two steps?

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Christopher Stapels
Christopher Stapels on 28 Feb 2022
The topic location is a little confusing. Where it says "topic" you need to edit that field.
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Siddharth Lotia
Siddharth Lotia on 1 Mar 2022
Hi , thanks .
Earlier in the day , I found out this. I think it is really deceptive , Mathworks team should add some photo of this in that example for more clarity to the users

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Vinod on 28 Feb 2022
If the connection is being dropped when you attempt to subscribe, it is most likely you are subscribing to an incorrect topic, or to a topic your client does not have permissions to.


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