Cluster Profile Manager-Amazon EC2 Error

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Nazif Çat?k
Nazif Çat?k on 5 Dec 2014
Answered: Elwin Chan on 5 Dec 2014
Hi everyone,
I need to use parallel computing toolbox in order to use connect any cluster (I have full licence of parallel comp. toolbox and demo licence of matlab computing server). My institution hasn’t got infrastructure connectivity, so I try to check clusters running on Amazon EC2 network. When I click discover cluster (cluster manager menu) and sign amazon EC2, MathWorks Account Log In window ask my email adress and passwords. When I enter email and passwords, I get the following error: “There was a problem trying to discover cluster”
Lastly, does anyone have a cluster profile file (in order to import cluster profile manager) for Matlab2014a or 2014b with Windows? How can I find proper cluster profile informations if amazon EC2 doesn’t work? Regards.

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Elwin Chan
Elwin Chan on 5 Dec 2014
Hi Nazif,
It looks like you might not have the correct permissions to use clusters in Amazon EC2. Have you signed up to use clusters in Amazon EC2? You can do this at What is the exact error that you see in the Discover Clusters UI? Can you copy and paste the text directly?
If you have an MDCS installation at your institution running MJS or HPC Server, then it should be discoverable via the discover clusters UI. I notice that you have a trial for MDCS - have you (or your sys-admin) set this up?
Thanks, Elwin


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