pwelch using hanning window of 1 sec and 50% overlap

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Can someone please help me to fast Fourier transform (FFT) a signal to be computed with a 1-second Hanning window and the window was shifted with 50% overlap and then calculate the median of the spectra of all sliding windows.
My sampling freq is 24KHz.
Thank you in advance

Accepted Answer

Kevin on 18 Feb 2022
Hi Shree,
To apply Hanning window and FFT,
X = fft(x .* hanning(24e3));
Here x = column vector of 24e3 samples (hence 1 second).
Then move x to next block with 50% overlap, then do the above line of code again.
After getting all X's, then you can do median.
Yes, there is some code you need to write but hopefully it is not too complicated.

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