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how to embed matlab script in website ?

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Oguzhan Memis
Oguzhan Memis on 17 Feb 2022
Answered: Vinod on 17 Feb 2022
Hi , I am trying to design a "website, which can run Matlab codes automatically " , to obtain processed IoT sensor data & graphs.
I realized ThinkSpeak as a useful tool , but our custom design is needed for our system.
When I made a quick surf on the internet & communities , I can not find exact same thing as embedding the matlab code, but integrating - visualizing matlab codes & outputs and graphs to the website. This is not the same thing as functions of ThinkSpeak.
For "remote" acces, the API informations and automatic Matlab script outputs ( graphs etc. ) are need to be obtained, inside of the cloud-server.
the ultimate question is : how to embed Matlab in a website, to run it automatically ?
( similar questions and answers are almost checked )
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Christopher Stapels
Christopher Stapels on 17 Feb 2022
It is definitely possible to use ThingSpeak and MATLAB to automatically process and display your IoT data. Can you provide a more precise description of the specific workflow you are looking for?
Active controls in ThingSpeak can be somewhat limited, for example, you cannot create a graph with editable axis via the website. The workflow is possible, but it might be convoluted.
Active controls via custom apps are possible with MATLAB web App Server. If you want a custom API that runs a pre defined MATLAB script, you can use MATLAB production server.

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Vinod on 17 Feb 2022
You may want to look at MATLAB Production Server and MATLAB Web App Server to build something like what you describe.


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