Editing "ExtGeomFileName" in Solid Blocks via Mask

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I Got a Solid Block in a Subystem which i stored in a Library for regular use. I use .STL files to provide the Geometrie to the Solid Block. The Directory to this .STL Fle is stored is the 'ExtGeomFileName' Parameter The Problem: the Geometrie is different for every instance of the Subsystem
I Tried to Change the Directory with a Callback in the Mask that starts when Editing the Blocks Name but when i do so, the Link between The Library and the Subsystem gets broken.
Any Ideas how to solve that?

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Tobias Huth
Tobias Huth on 30 Jan 2017
this answer may be late but:
does the trick. All arguments are strings. The built-in function gcb is a heplful thing when you use something like tat in a library.
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Christopher Bitikofer
Christopher Bitikofer on 10 Jan 2018
Thanks! I've been trying to figure out what the property tag for file names is for solid blocks for some time. any chance you still have any idea where you found this???

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