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How can I get the (approximate) eigenvectors of a huge matrix?

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Steffen on 2 Dec 2014
Answered: Andrew Knyazev on 15 May 2015
I have a huge symmetric matrix M and I want to get the eigenvectors to the k smallest eigenvalues of M (which have to be greater than 0). I know that the smallest eigenvalue is 0.
Currently I am using
but this results in memory consumption of over 100GB of RAM.
Matt J
Matt J on 2 Dec 2014
I don't really understand why it's taking so much memory. What happens when you do

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Answers (2)

Thorsten on 2 Dec 2014
If M contains many 0's you can define M as a sparse matrix to speed up computation.
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Steffen on 8 Dec 2014
M is already defined as sparse. I construct the matrix by using spconvert().

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