Automatically launching an executable

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STEPHEN GRAHAM on 9 Feb 2022
Commented: STEPHEN GRAHAM on 9 Feb 2022
I am seeking to run an application (.exe) repeatedly in a loop. Due to the nature of the program, I have to close and open it each time I operate it.
I am using actxserver() since I have to send commands to the executable
%Operate application
exeserver = actxserver("WScript.Shell");
The issue is that this security window pops up (as a window within MATLAB) so I must still choose 'Run' each time through the loop.
Is there any way to either bypass this window or interact with this window from within MATLAB.

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Yongjian Feng
Yongjian Feng on 9 Feb 2022
Looks like a warning from Windows, not from matlab.
Try to run matlab as admin.
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STEPHEN GRAHAM on 9 Feb 2022
I believe that would work, however, the network I am on, I do not have admin privelages.

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