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Hydraulic or isothermal liquid domain for classic hydraulics?

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Since I simulate classical hydraulic systems (like excavators) I ask myself the question which domain to use: hydraulic or isothermal liquid (IL). Where the hydraulic domain conservates the volumetric flow, isothermal liquid conservates mass flow. Reading through the documentation and mathwork helps it seems that the isothermal liquid is the newer and preferable domain. On the other hand the hydraulic domain with conservation of the volumetric flow fits better probably better to the classical hydraulic approach calculation volumetric flow.
In which cases would you use which of those two domains?

Accepted Answer

Ganesh Gudipati
Ganesh Gudipati on 14 Mar 2022
As per my understanding, you want to know the difference between Isothermal liquid and Hydraulic domain and what type of cases are suitable for each domain.
Isothermal Liquid Models are intended for the same types of applications as the Hydraulic Models in the Foundation library. All the hydraulic blocks in your models continue to work as before. Isothermal Liquid library blocks provide improved usability, increased accuracy, and enhanced simulation robustness.
It is recommended to use Isothermal Liquid blocks for MATLAB versions R2020a and above.
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Bastiaan Fischer
Bastiaan Fischer on 14 Mar 2022
okay, thank you!
I was not sure if the isothermal liquid domain would generally be preferable over the hydraulic domain. If the IL domain is intended for the same type of application and is recommended to use in newer MATLAB versions this answers my question.

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