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Subsetting works in mlx file but not m file

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The following line works without any issues in an mlx file but not in an m file for some reason. Does anyone know why?
subset_table = table_1(table_1.Date == datetime('01/27/2022','InputFormat','MM/dd/uuuu'),:);
In the mlx file it works for some reason but in the m file I am getting this error:
Operator '==' is not supported for operands of type 'cell'

Answers (1)

Prateekshya on 29 Sep 2023
Hi Metin,
As per my understanding you are getting inconsistent results acorss MATLAB scripts (.m) and live scripts (.mlx). The following code works perfectly fine in both the cases i.e., scripts and live scripts.
d = today("datetime")
subset_table = d == datetime('01/27/2022','InputFormat','MM/dd/uuuu')
Hence it turns out that the "table_1" variable is of type "cell". You can use "cell2table" for converting it to table format. For more information you can follow this link:
I hope it helps!


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