name value pairs with variable input arguments

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function db = name_value_pairs(varargin)
n=length(varargin); db ={};
if mod(n,2)~=0 || n ==0
db= {};
elseif ~ischar(varargin(1:2:nargin))
db = {};
for i=1:2:n
db(i)=[db; varargin{i} varargin{i+1}]
%this is code that i have written and ii cant understand why it result
% db =
% 0×0 empty cell array

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Benjamin Kraus
Benjamin Kraus on 3 Feb 2022
Edited: Benjamin Kraus on 3 Feb 2022
The problem is:
The varargin input will always be a cell-array, so this condition will never be true.
I think what you want is:
This will verify that the input is a cell-array whose elements are all character vectors.
But, putting any issues in the code aside, unless I'm missing something, your entire function can be written like this:
function db = name_value_pairs(varargin)
if mod(nargin,2)~=0 || ~iscellstr(varargin(1:2:nargin))
db = {};
db = varargin;
In addition, unless you require the added validation, your function can be replaced in your code by just wrapping your inputs in curly braces.
db = name_value_pairs('a',10,'b',20);
db2 = {'a',10,'b',20};
% db and db2 will be the same

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