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Can we create dashboard and shared with a customer in ThingSpeak ? what is count for paid version ?

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In paid ThingSpeak version I have following questions ,
  • can we create share the created dhashboards with a customer ? if yes howmany ?
  • If we create another dashboard how can we update and sync up with cusomers inteface ?
Christopher Stapels
Christopher Stapels on 3 Feb 2022
You can create up to 250 channels per unit purchased, and you can buy as many units as you need. Generally a channel is associated with one device, but you can also associate a channel with a particular process, such as the data for one user. You can make channels public - anyone with internet can see them, or share them privately with a user. The user will need a MathWorks account, which is free to get.
I'm not clear what you mean by the second part of your question.
Koustubh Shirke
Koustubh Shirke on 3 Feb 2022
Thanks for the quick respeonse .
Regarding question 1, suppose I create some / design dashboards . I can share that dashboard with multiple / many number of customers , right ?
Regarding question 2, if I make some chnages in dashboard, will it that automatically gets reflected at customer end ?
Sorry for one more question. How one messages is defined based on Channels and Fields and memory ?

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Vinod on 3 Feb 2022
Edited: Vinod on 3 Feb 2022
Take a look at the answer to this question: and this answer as well

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