Help with speeding up scatteredInterpolant, parallel processing toolbox applicable?

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Brian on 25 Nov 2014
Commented: Mike Jackson on 1 Jun 2016
Hello, thanks for reading this,
I want to possibly speed up a process, but everything I've read about parfor, for instance, makes this seem not applicable.
What I have is a massive point cloud (55k points) with four column entries for the 55k points, three for x y and z coordinates and the last for the data I use for coloring.
To plot the data, I use scatteredInterpolant, then create a meshgrid of the interpolated data. I have a second question regarding this process, which I will not ask here, but I was wondering if this process itself can be done in parallel processing because it takes VERY long for decently high resolutions.
This is the code I used:
I do have the parallel processing toolbox.
Any advice would be helpful.
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Mike Jackson
Mike Jackson on 1 Jun 2016
I have exactly the same problem, it is something I understand as of early 2016 is not supported by Matlab. It's a big gap that an algorithm this easily parallelizable is not implemented with support from the parallel processing toolbox.

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