GigE Camera Connection: Unable to preview images (Camera; Basler scA1300-32gm)

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Spiros on 24 Nov 2014
Edited: Dan Adam on 14 Feb 2018
Hi. I am trying to connect my Basler scA1300-32gm camera to Matlab, but despite the fact that the camera is connected, when i press preview i get a white figure with a huge red "X" in the screen. What i do is:
src.PacketSize = 9000;
I have also follow the steps in (<>,
and i have set my ethernet's Jumbo Frame to 9KB MTU.
Despite all these i still cannot see anything in the preview window.
The same happens when i use the Image Acquisition Toolbox is tlef but i get the same.
The weird think is that Matlab can see the camera, and everything looks ok, but i cannot receive information from it.
Initially i have installed the camera'a software, and the camera worked fine, then i uninstalled it as Matlab troubleshoot suggests.
Also i have set up the Ethernet connection to only receive IPv4 and nothing else as the troubleshooters suggests.
Do you have any idea what the error might be? Any suggestions or any thoughts?
Thank you very much in advance.
Kind regards, Spiros
sam e
sam e on 28 Jul 2017
i had the same problem but i found what is the problem if you have an antivirius go ahead and see the webcam protection option you will find the matlab right there, and you can fix it from there

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Answers (2)

ziye xu
ziye xu on 25 Apr 2016
I have similar error and I solved it by turning off firewall.
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Dan Adam
Dan Adam on 14 Feb 2018
Thanks!! Worked for me too
Windows Firewall -> Allow an app or feature through Windows Firewall -> find Matlab in the list and allow it

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Abdoo on 1 Apr 2015
hi ... did you solved your problem ?? i have same thing
Kazim Hanbay
Kazim Hanbay on 29 Apr 2015
You set up the matlab basler support package. In addition, you must change packet size in pylon.

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