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Michael Angeles
Michael Angeles on 1 Feb 2022
Commented: Michael Angeles on 1 Feb 2022
Hello, I have data that is n x m (rows,column). I want to read each column and perform some analysis on the data prior to moving on to another column and performing the same analysis.
Is there a method on how to perform this reiterative process? Thanks,

Accepted Answer

Voss on 1 Feb 2022
If you have an n-by-m matrix you can do as follows:
n = 100;
m = 50;
data = randn(n,m);
results = cell(1,m);
for jj = 1:m
results{jj} = perform_analysis(data(:,jj));
Where perform_analysis() is a function that performs the analysis you want to do on each column and returns something.
If instead your data is in a file, it may or may not be convenient to read it by column, depending on the file format.
Michael Angeles
Michael Angeles on 1 Feb 2022
Thank you for your help, I was able to get the program running.

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