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"Invalid default value for property 'DateLocale'" error when using readmatrix.

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I am trying to import a simple data table from an excell file.
D = readmatrix('data.csv')
But I keep getting the error, "Invalid default value for property 'DateLocale' in class '':
Unable to resolve the name matlab.internal.datetime.getDefaults".
It almost seems as if the error has nothing to do with the function. The readtable function also recevies an identical error. I can't seem to find anyone else on the internet with this specific issue. If anyone can help me out that would be amazing. Thanks

Answers (1)

Prateekshya on 27 Sep 2023
Hi Nicholas,
The error message you are encountering suggests that there might be an issue with the default settings related to date and time formats in MATLAB. I assume that you are using the MATLAB version as per your requirement. You can try the following steps:
I hope this helps!




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