Simulink coder can not initialized internal array

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i have a model using legacy code to make an s-function to add an c fuinction into model, and i need set an array into it make it can calculate and change it
Here is my model below, i set an simulink object specify the variable can be trace
I found this array can not generate for an initialize value which shoud be "uint8_T rtb_sfcnSIL_HelpPutCSigWrap[8]={0}" for a correct action.
which way could let me add for internal initialize for array?

Answers (1)

Mark McBroom
Mark McBroom on 29 Jan 2022
Your legacy code created s-function is not correct. The input argument u1 is a scalar U16. When setting up the legacy code tool you need to set up the u1 parameter to be a vector similar to what you did for the y1 argument.


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