SNR of a USRP in Simulink

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Yash Mittal
Yash Mittal on 13 Jan 2022
Answered: Karunya Choppara on 18 Feb 2022
I am working with USRPs to transmit and receive data using Simulink. At the receiving end, I want to obtain the SNR in real-time. Is it possible to achieve it in Simulink?

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Karunya Choppara
Karunya Choppara on 18 Feb 2022
Here is a steps to find the SNR
  1. Obtain the noise power, by measuring the input power when there is no transmitted signal. Make sure no other signal is received either.
  2. Then measure the input power when transmitting the signal, which gives the signal + noise power. Obtain signal power by subracting the noise power, from the combined value.
Calculate the power using this block


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