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Changing predefined values in simulink examples

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I am openning this simulink existing example "sm_stewart_platform". I have 2 questions:
First: can I change the predefined values in this simulation? for instance, g_desnity
Second: I see that some properties are defined by user in this example (i.e., roll pitch yaw), however there are a lot of variables that are not defined there. How can I find the location that these values are stored?

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Prateekshya on 27 Sep 2023
Hi Sahand,
The pre-defined values can be changed in the existing examples in Simulink.
In Simulink, the storage location of variables depends on their scope and the specific Simulink block they are associated with. The locations could be MATLAB workspace, model workspace or data dictionary. The location of the variable can be different according to the model settings and configuration. For more information you can follow this link:
I hope this helps!


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