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how to save some variables created in a loop

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flashpode on 10 Jan 2022
Edited: Jon on 10 Jan 2022
Hi so I got a loop that every time it goes creates some variables.Ex:
When n = 1 creates this variables ''x'', ''y'' and ''z'', for n = 2 creates those variables ''x'', ''y'' and ''z'' (the same ones). What I want is to save all the values created of ''x'' in the loop of n numbers in a variable named ''All_x_values'' and the same for ''y'' and ''z''. The problem I am getting is that is only being saved the last value

Answers (1)

Jon on 10 Jan 2022
Edited: Jon on 10 Jan 2022
You need to provide a vector to collect your values in, so something like this
numIterations = 10; % put total iterations here
All_x_values = zeros(numIterations,1); % preallocate array to hold x values
for k = 1:numIterations
% do your calcs
% ...
% assign the resulting x value into vector holding results
All_x_values(k) = x


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