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Does MATLAB provide a function for Split Spectrum Processing?

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Split Spectrum Processing (SSP) is e.g. used to increase SNR of ultrasound signals. SSP mainly consists of a filter bank and a recombination algorithm. I wonder if a SSP function is available in Matlab and if so in which toolbox? If not, has someone implemented SSP and would be willing to share the code?

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Prateekshya on 18 Oct 2023
Hi Martin,
There is no "Split Spectrum Processing" (SSP) function available in MATLAB. To achieve the desired output, a close workaround will be as follows:
  • Design and implement a filter bank to divide the ultrasound signal into multiple frequency sub-bands. MATLAB's Signal Processing Toolbox offers functions such as "fir1" or "designfilt" to design and create various types of filters, including FIR and IIR filters. For more information, you can follow these links:
  • For signal recombination a recombination algorithm can be implemented and applied to combine the filtered sub-bands and enhance the signal-to-noise ratio (SNR). The specific recombination algorithm can vary depending on the application and desired results.
If you are looking for existing implementations or code examples of SSP, you can explore research papers or academic repositories. As an example you may refer to this link:
These resources may contain code snippets or complete implementations that can serve as a starting point for your own implementation. I hope it helps!




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