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Input definition in "MATLAB System" block not necessary?

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Looking at a MATLAB System block that I wrote a while ago, I noticed that I didn't properly specify the inputs. The code works but I don't remember why I did it this way or if it could create a problem at some point. The functions getInputDataTypeImpl, isInputComplexImpl and isInputFixedSizeImpl only have one element, instead of seven.
Does Matlab automatically copy the settings for the other six inputs?
function num = getNumInputsImpl(~) % Number of inputs
num = 7;
function num = getNumOutputsImpl(~) % Number of outputs
num = 8;
function [dt1, dt2, dt3, dt4, dt5, dt6, dt7, dt8] = getOutputDataTypeImpl(~) % Output data type
dt1 = 'double';
dt2 = 'double';
dt3 = 'double';
dt4 = 'double';
dt5 = 'double';
dt6 = 'double';
dt7 = 'double';
dt8 = 'double';
function dt1 = getInputDataTypeImpl(~) % Input data type
dt1 = 'double';
function [sz1, sz2, sz3, sz4, sz5, sz6, sz7, sz8] = getOutputSizeImpl(obj) % Output dimensions
sz1 = [1, obj.nIn];
sz2 = [obj.N+1, obj.nState];
sz3 = [obj.N, obj.nOut];
sz4 = [obj.N, obj.nIn];
sz5 = [obj.N, 1];
sz6 = [obj.N, 1];
sz7 = [obj.N, 1];
sz8 = [1, obj.nOut];
function [sz1, sz2, sz3, sz4, sz5, sz6, sz7] = getInputSizeImpl(obj) % Input dimensions
sz1 = [obj.nState, 1];
sz2 = [obj.N, obj.nDst];
sz3 = [obj.N, 1];
sz4 = [obj.N, 1];
sz5 = [obj.N, 1];
sz6 = [obj.N, 1];
sz7 = [1, 1];
function cp1 = isInputComplexImpl(~) % Inputs are complex numbers?
cp1 = false;
function [cp1, cp2, cp3, cp4, cp5, cp6, cp7, cp8] = isOutputComplexImpl(~) % Outputs are complex numbers?
cp1 = false;
cp2 = false;
cp3 = false;
cp4 = false;
cp5 = false;
cp6 = false;
cp7 = false;
cp8 = false;
function fz1 = isInputFixedSizeImpl(~) % Input fixed size?
fz1 = true;
function [fz1, fz2, fz3, fz4, fz5, fz6, fz7, fz8] = isOutputFixedSizeImpl(~) % Output fixed size?
fz1 = true;
fz2 = true;
fz3 = true;
fz4 = true;
fz5 = true;
fz6 = true;
fz7 = true;
fz8 = true;

Answers (1)

Prateekshya on 26 Sep 2023
Hi Manu,
As per my understanding you want to know the usage of "tilde" (~) in MATLAB function arguments.
This operator is used for the unused input arguments. The corresponding input arguments, which are replaced by "tilde" (~) are ignored. For more information you can follow this link:
I hope this helps!


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