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Plotting three related data sets with three axes and one line

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Hi there,
I will try not to be complicated here as I am not hugely confident with matlab and it's been a while..
I am trying to replicate a graph with my own data. In the other graph, they have three axes, two x (top and bottom) and one y (lhs). The top and left data sets correspond to the bottom axes. I cannot work out how to do this. I have tried creating a transparent axis on top of the first one, but this obviously leaves me with two lines in the final graph.
The below graph is the one I am trying to emulate. I have data for all three (Flow, delta P and percent occlusion). This example does have a second line but it is theory and can thereofre be ignored for my case.
Below is all I can get so far (I know it is hideous and the data is off).
I am using the code below:
% Create the first axes
hax1 = axes();
p_occn = [3.0 9.2 13.7 16.2 22.2 32.8 41.3 49.0 60.6 66.9 75 83.3 89.1 94.1 97.6]; % Percent Occlusion
delta_p = [6.39 13.16 22.40 26.71 36.21 47.97 65.01 62.99 93.17 99.64 112.59 108.56 119.22 116.57 118.61]; % Delta P
hplot1 = line(p_occn, delta_p);
% Create a transparent axes on top of the first one with it's xaxis on top
% and no ytick marks (or labels)
hax2 = axes('Position', get(hax1, 'Position'), ... % Copy position
'XAxisLocation', 'top', ... % Put the x axis on top
'YAxisLocation', 'right', ... % Doesn't really matter
'xlim', [200 6000], ... % Set XLims to fit our data
'Color', 'none', ... % Make it transparent
'YTick', []); % Don't show markers on y axis
% Plot data with a different x-range here
Q = [211.794 507.77 844.504 1494.07 2057.38 2791.96 3171.93 4593.52 4573.73 5065.67 5754.67 5811.02 5853.12 5996.7 5894.83]; % Flow
hplot2 = line(Q, p_occn, 'Color', 'r', 'Parent', hax2);
% Link the y limits and position together
linkprop([hax1, hax2], {'ylim', 'Position'});
title('Graph of Change in Pressure vs Flow Rate of Graft as Occlusion Worsens');
xlabel(hax1, 'Percent Occlusion (%)');
xlabel(hax2, 'Flow (ml/min)');
ylabel(hax1, 'Delta P (mmHg)');
Any help would be great!

Answers (1)

laurent jalabert
laurent jalabert on 5 Jan 2022


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