Need continuous sound played from buffer A then B. I fill B while A is playing, then visa versa.

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I would like to use MATLAB for a real-time sound output problem. If I could set up a sound to play from buffer A then buffer B continuously, I could work on the contents of the buffer that isn't "live" while the other is playing.
I would like to use MATLAB because I need FFT and other things that MATLAB handles well as part of my calculations for filling the buffer that isn't live.
I haven't had much success with audioplayer because of the rather large (audio-wise) and variable delays between starting different player objects.
Any suggestions how to approach playing sound continuously from two buffers?
Thank you, DS

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jibrahim on 5 Jan 2022
Edited: jibrahim on 5 Jan 2022
Hi David,
For real-time sound applications, you should use audioDeviceWriter:
See the doc page above for a simple example.
To handle buffers at real-time, consider using dsp.AsyncBuffer:

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