Conditionally Flip Sign in Table

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I have a very simple question. Based on a matrix like this one:
A = [repmat({'Yes'},3,1) , repmat({'2'},3,1); repmat({'No'},3,1) , repmat({'2'},3,1)];
I want to flip the sign of column 2 if the entry in colum one is 'No', but leave it as is if the entry in colun one is 'Yes'.
The result should be the following:
B = [repmat({'Yes'},3,1) , repmat({'2'},3,1); repmat({'No'},3,1) , repmat({'-2'},3,1)];
I suppose I can do this using one line of code using cellfun, but I am not sure what is the most optimized way.
Thx for your help!

Accepted Answer

Matt Tearle
Matt Tearle on 4 Nov 2014
Edited: Matt Tearle on 4 Nov 2014
One liner:
A(strcmp(A(:,1),'No'),2) = strcat('-',A(strcmp(A(:,1),'No'),2))
Slightly cleaner with two lines:
idx = strcmp(A(:,1),'No');
A(idx,2) = strcat('-',A(idx,2))
But... if you're worrying about efficiency, I'd want to know if A has to be in the form it is. Does the second column have to text, rather than numeric?
And do you have 13b or later (or Statistics TB)? Because I think you might have an easier time using tables and categoricals. For example:
% Make a table version of A
Atable = cell2table(A,'VariableNames',{'YesOrNo','Number'})
% Convert strings to categories and string numbers to actual numbers
Atable.YesOrNo = categorical(Atable.YesOrNo)
Atable.Number = str2double(Atable.Number)
% Now, do the sign flipping
Atable.Number(Atable.YesOrNo == 'No') = -Atable.Number(Atable.YesOrNo == 'No')
Federico Canè
Federico Canè on 4 Nov 2014
This works like a charm. Thx! :)

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