Hi. How can i rectify my error i.e., not enough arguments

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HI, While executing this program
function erb = erlang_b(A,C)
% A= offered traffic in Erlangs.
% C= number of trunked channels.
num = A^C;
sum = 0
for k=0;C
kfact = product(1:k);
term = (A^k)/kfact;
sum = sum+term;
Cfact = prod(1:C);
den = Cfact*sum;
erb = num/den;
Iam getting an Error i.e.,using erlang (line 4) Not enough input arguments. How can i resolve this
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Roger Stafford
Roger Stafford on 31 Oct 2014
I notice an error in the script of your "erlang" function. The line
for k=0;C
should read:
for k=0:C

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Matt Tearle
Matt Tearle on 31 Oct 2014
How are you calling this function? It has to be called with two inputs:
foo = erlang_b(pi,42)
The error you're getting is the one people get when they make the classic mistake of trying to run the function as a script (such as hitting the Run button).


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