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Toggle Insert/Overwrite Mode not working in "Editor"

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I notice that when I set a keyboard shortcut to "toggle Insert/Overwrite Mode" (as shown in attached screenshot), this is applied only to the Command Window and it does not work in the Editor (Matlab 2021b). I try to change the keyboard button but the issue remains :-(.
Could you help me to solve this issue? Have I turn on some additional options?
Thanks in advance...
All the best

Accepted Answer

Reshma Nerella
Reshma Nerella on 17 Dec 2021
From R2021b, "Toggle Insert/Overwrite Mode" shortcut only works for command window. That's why you are not able to use it in editor.
DGM on 6 Jan 2023
This seems like very basic functionality. I don't think it's a surprise that people would object to its removal. If there were a good reason for the removal, it should be given when asked.
Mats Logren
Mats Logren on 9 Apr 2024
Can't understand how someone actively removed a good, understandable and useful feature...

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Erich Flach
Erich Flach on 22 Dec 2022
It was really a bad idea to remove this feature in the editor. There are cases where the overwrite mode is missing and typing is really annoying. A user survey may not appeal to all people who just want to use the software and are now wondering why overwrite mode is not implemented - like me. There are also many features that I don't use and still wouldn't question.
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