Sample time of serial comunication

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Giulio Griguoli
Giulio Griguoli on 9 Dec 2021
I have to transmit through serial comunication some data from Simulink to my STM32F103RB board. I want to send a byte periodically (ideally every 1 millisecond).
I'm using a Serial Send Block, but I don't know how to set in Matlab the period time of the transmission. I thought it was enough to set the solver in the right way, putting the value of the sample time at 1 millisecond, but it is not enough. In fact I went to check at micro side whenever I get the data and I ascertained that it is transmitted with a random sample time.
The Matlab Scheme is:
I want to specify that the sample time of the constant block is also set to 1 millisecond.
So the question is: how can I set the simulation to send data everi 1 millisecond? I think there's something I'm doing wrong, but I don't know what....

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Priyanka Kondapalli
Priyanka Kondapalli on 8 Feb 2022
Please refer to below documentation link that can help you guide on sending and receiving data


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