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How can I change the tick values on x axis?

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Hello everyone,
I would like to put the tick label on x axis every 2 years instead of every 5 years. How can I do it?
Thank you!
LD = load('MODESTAMMEQ.mat');
dv = regexp(MODESTAMMEQ.Jan1989, '\d*\-\w*\-\d*','match');
MODESTAMMEQ.Var1 = datetime([dv{:}], 'InputFormat',"dd-MMM-yyyy").';
y = MODESTAMMEQ.Var2*10*0.35;
plot(x, y)

Accepted Answer

Peter Bonavita
Peter Bonavita on 8 Dec 2021
Hi Pul,
You can use xticks to specify the values where you want the ticks to appear, and xticklabels to customize the labels themselves, if you wish.
In your case, you'll specify something like xticks([0 5 10 15]), etc.
Peter Bonavita
Peter Bonavita on 8 Dec 2021
Hi Pul, this should get you started.
First, check out the value of xticks from your original plot:
>> ticks = xticks
ticks =
1×4 datetime array
2000 2005 2010 2015
Create a datetime array as Rik suggested:
newTicks = datetime({'2000','2002','2004','2006'},'InputFormat','u');
Use this to update the labels on the plot with xticks:
>> xticks(newTicks)
Pul on 8 Dec 2021
Thank you @Peter Bonavita.
The only problem is that then I can't plot my y with the new x, because they have a different length.
newTicks = datetime({'2000','2002','2004','2006','2008','2010','2012','2014','2016','2018'},'InputFormat','u');

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