Are there useful FEM toolbox ?

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Yusuke on 29 Oct 2014
Commented: Hrishikesh Das on 4 Sep 2020
Hi, I'm in deep trouble, plese help me.
I'm looking for the toolbox, about FEM by MATLAB.
I plan to import FEM model from ANSYS(I'm thinking of CDB file as an imported file).
Then I want to analyze on MATLAB.
Does anybody know useful toolbox?
If you know please tell me.
Warm Regards

Answers (5)

guiseppe jusseau
guiseppe jusseau on 14 May 2017
The FEATool Multiphysics Matlab FEM simulation toolbox may work for you, although it doesn't support Ansys files directly you can import grids in various formats.

Etienne Balmes
Etienne Balmes on 10 Jan 2015
Hello you can look up for CDB reading and the SDT for FEM analysis.

amina lk
amina lk on 6 Feb 2016
hi,please how to interface fem ansys in matlab with SDT

Juan M Glez
Juan M Glez on 15 Mar 2016
You can make an interface between Ansys and Matlab, using the following line in your Matlab code.
!"C:\Route to Ansys executable\ANSYS161.exe" -b -i "C:\Route to input APDL file\Input.txt" -o "C:\Route to output text file\Output.txt"
I have a similar problem

Sarah Palfreyman
Sarah Palfreyman on 20 Sep 2018
Have you tried the Partial Differential Equation Toolbox?
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Hrishikesh Das
Hrishikesh Das on 4 Sep 2020
PDE TOOLBOX only allows triangular mesh in 2D and tetrahedral mesh in 3D. what if we have quad mesh? does it work on that?

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