Add data from one input file to another

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Francesca Danielli
Francesca Danielli on 3 Dec 2021
Answered: Jon on 3 Dec 2021
I have an input file A (generated in Abaqus) and two input files B, C.
B contains only the list of nodes present in A + additional nodes (the number of nodes in B is bigger than the the number of nodes in A. In any case, each node is identified by the three spatial coordinates).
C contains only the list of elements present in A (the number of elements in C is equal to the number of nodes in A, but the elements in C are identified by three nodes while the elements in A are identified by two nodes).
Now, I want to add the list of nodes of B in A and the list of elements of C in A.
Any suggestion?
Thank you in advance!

Answers (1)

Jon on 3 Dec 2021
I think you should be able to get the sets of data that you want using MATLAB's ismember and intersect
Is that what you are asking, or are you having problems maniuplating the files?

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