How can I run ANSYS from MATLAB?

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Yusuke on 27 Oct 2014
Commented: SorMun on 16 Nov 2023 at 22:09
Would you tell me about the cause and solution for stooping of ANSYS run from MATLAB?
I want to run ANSYS from MATLAB, and I tried "Shell Escape Function" (I wrote the DOS comand after "!").
However ANSYS stopped running at the stage of the solution .
It only indicates ANSYS stopped working.
I think DOS command is not wrong, because it run from CMD.exe, and it runs without problems partway.
I suspect the cause is stack overflow, but I do not know how to identify that.
My PC environment is
Windows 7 Enterprise Intel Core i7 970 16.0GB
Truly yours.
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Akash Kunjalwar
Akash Kunjalwar on 14 Mar 2018
I'm a an undergraduate mechanical engineering student from Osmania University, India. We have to write a code based on calculus in MATLAB and run it in ANSYS APDL as our final project for the course. Please provide the detailed procedure for the same.

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Accepted Answer

Sarah Palfreyman
Sarah Palfreyman on 10 Jan 2017
See ANSYS for the MATLAB AAS Toolbox interface.
SorMun on 16 Nov 2023 at 22:09
The toolbox is now availabe for download from Mathworks File Exchange at
Thank you

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Nicolai Bloch
Nicolai Bloch on 27 Jul 2015
Edited: Nicolai Bloch on 27 Jul 2015
Hi All
I also had this issue receiving a error return code -1073741571 (alias c00000fd), which is a Windows error code indicating a stack overflow. Since this is really a system level error, ANSYS doesn't produce any error messages in its own log/error file. Support told me that the problem is related to a particular piece of 3rd party software (OpenMP) used by MATLAB. As of 2014b, when running system commands, the stack size is limited to 512k through an environment variable called KMP_STACKSIZE. It is possible to verify the existence and value of this environment variable by issuing the following command listing all the variables (in Windows):
(produces a list of all environment variables currently set...)
For ANSYS to be able to run, you need to increase the stack size before calling the ANSYS executable. You can do this by wrapping the ANSYS call in a batch script or you can do the following:
>>System('SET KMP_STACKSIZE=2048k & "C:\path_to_ansys\ansys[version].exe" [input arguments..]')
I haven't played around with the stack size enough to find a critical value (may also be mesh size/solver dependent). At least the above setting worked for me.
Davide Clerici
Davide Clerici on 5 Jun 2020
Worked even for me. Ansys 19.0+MATLAB 2020A. Thank you!!!

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Yusuke on 27 Oct 2014
Thank you for your answer.
I will try if I can not find any other solutions.
However I want to know how to run ANSYS by DOS command and solutions for error.
Because, my program is almost written.
Do you have any other ideas?
Your continued support will be greatly appreciated.

Ola on 20 Nov 2014
Hi, i have the exact same problem as you Yusuke. Ansys stops working just as it's about to calculate the solution. The odd thing is that it works perfectly fine if i run my batch file outside of matlab. Sadly I have not yet found the solution for this problem, but was hoping that you could replay the answer if or when you find it. If not, then i'll try to post my solution if i find one, good luck.
Ola on 23 Nov 2014
Ah, thank you man! This really saved me, running it from 2014a worked for me aswell. Thanks for the quick reply :)

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Georg on 3 Jun 2015
I can confirm this behavior when running Matlab 2014b and 2015a with any verison of ANSYS. At the same time it works perfectly with Matlab 2013a. That really annoying. I tried two different ways of initiating the Ansys execution:
cmd = sprintf(['"' ansys_path '"' ...
' -b' ...
' -j ' jobname ...
' -i "' skriptFileName '.inp"' ...
' -o "' outputFilename '.txt"' ...
[o, txt] = system(cmd, '-echo')
... just like:
rt = java.lang.Runtime.getRuntime()
p = rt.exec(cmd)
crashes with something I think is a stack overflow.
When running the java-code from e.g. Netbeans (jdk 1.8) it works perfectly. Also the execution from the command prompt works perfectly. So I assume it's definetly a Matlab related problem.
Nicolai Bloch
Nicolai Bloch on 18 Dec 2015
As per my original post (above), but using your code instead, this should do the trick:
cmd = sprintf(['SET KMP_STACKSIZE=2048k & "' ansys_path '"' ...
' -b' ...
' -j ' jobname ...
' -i "' skriptFileName '.inp"' ...
' -o "' outputFilename '.txt"' ...
[o, txt] = system(cmd, '-echo');

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Seth on 7 Apr 2016
Thank you - this thread was a big help to me several times (I forgot about the problem and rediscovered it a few times) ;-)

Akshay Kumar
Akshay Kumar on 13 Jun 2018
Edited: Walter Roberson on 14 Jun 2018
Check this out, might be helpful. using MATLAB to run (ANSYS) APDL macro code


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