How to plot time against a function with 2 variables

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1 syms f(x,t) n inf
2 f(x,t)= (2/pi)*symsum((2/n)*sin(n*pi*x)*(1-exp(-0.2*n^2*pi^2*t)),n,1,inf)
3 fplot(f(x,t))
I am stuck on the 3rd line because it produces a blank plot. Can you show how to plot this function against time?

Answers (1)

Kiran Felix Robert
Kiran Felix Robert on 6 Dec 2021
Hi Yi-SHuan Liu,
You can use fimplicit to plot multi-variable symbolic functions.
The following is an example,
syms f(x,t)
f(x,t) = x^2 + t^2 -1;
fimplicit(f , [0 1 0 1])



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