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Automate download and installation of MATLAB Compiler Runtime?

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I am currently working on the distribution of a Python package that uses MATLAB functions to do some data analysis. I have gotten MATLAB Runtime working within the package but the user still needs to download and install the correct version of MATLAB Compiler SDK onto their computer in order for it to work. My end goal is to have the package distributable to people without them having to do any kind of manual setup.
I have seen the instructions for a silent installation of MCR and was wondering if there would be away to automate the downloading of the files needed to run a silent installation.

Accepted Answer

Kiran Felix Robert
Kiran Felix Robert on 6 Dec 2021
Hi Omar,
Please refer the documentation to download MCR from command line.
You can then use one of the Non-Interactive or Silent installation methods to install MCR on the target.
Also refer System - Execute operating system command and return output, to issue OS commands which you might need during the install.

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