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Can I subscribe my channel(s) with MQTT with a free license?

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I am using a free license for publishing data with MQTT on ThingSpeak which works very good,
according to the format: channels/<channelID>/publish/fields/field<fieldnumber>.
Can I subscribe my channel(s) with MQTT with a free license with the format:
Or is there any restriction?
Thanks for your answer and best regards.
Fred Ettner
Fred Ettner on 6 Feb 2022
Johan, I'm trying unsuccesfuly to do the same. What micropython MQTT library areyou using?
Johan Vervaet
Johan Vervaet on 6 Feb 2022
Hello Fred,
I have tried the following even on different micropython versions on ESP32:
1) import upip, upip.install('micropython-umqtt.simple'), upip.install('micropython-umqtt.robust'), or
2) import upip, upip.install('micropython-umqtt.simple2'), upip.install('micropython-umqtt.robust2').
Unfortunately unsuccessfull with the subscribe format channels/<channelID>/subscribe/fields/field<fieldnumber>.

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Answers (1)

Vinod on 31 Dec 2021
Yes. Even a free license enables you to publish and subscribe to ThingSpeak channels. Note that you may still only publish to a channel once every 15 seconds with a free license.
Johan Vervaet
Johan Vervaet on 3 Jan 2022
Hello Vinod,
I appreciate your answer very much, but unfortunately I am not using ESP8266 on arduino.
I am using ESP32 on Thonny IDE with micropython: do you have any information for that environment?
Thanks and best regards.
Vinod on 3 Jan 2022
I'm not familiar with that environment, unfortunately. Have you tried subscribing to your channel using a desktop client like mqttx and publishing data to it?

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