Filtering txt files out structs and assign to subfolder

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Hi There,
I was trying to filter out the 'CAp_*.txt' files and assign it to the last subfolder, but did not succeed. How can I do this?
Kind Regards,
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Bas Bloemendaal
Bas Bloemendaal on 24 Nov 2021
Found out how to filter on ' CAd':
filtered_struct = directory_text{1,1}(startsWith({directory_text{1,1}.name}, 'CAd'));
However, I cannot assign it to the last subfolder where eacht .txt belongs to.

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Shravan Kumar Vankaramoni
You can simply use the below code to filter out the files
files = dir(CAp_*.txt) % This will give all the .txt files starting with CAp_
To copy files to a subfolder, refer the below answer:


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