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How to display "serial device connected" or "not connected"?

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I am interfacing a spectral sensor with PC and getting the data through MATLAB (serial port functions).
I want to add a conditional statement to check whether the device is connected / not connected before getting serial data.
conditional statement ??
spectral3 = serialport('COM4','BaudRate',115200);
Sébastien Josset
Sébastien Josset on 22 Dec 2022
Hi Ahmed, hi All,
I strongly suppose you're using the same sensor as I would like to: AS7265x Triad Spectroscopy Sensor (datasheet: AS7265x (
It works well with me using a software serial with an Arduino nano, but I would like to use it directly in the Matlab environment through UART communication (datasheet page 41), but it requires to modify the sensor. Before I do that, I would like to know if you managed to use the sensor this way, and if yes, if you could be so kind and share your code to collect the responses at the 18 different wavelebgths?
Kind Regards

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Accepted Answer

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 30 Nov 2021
serialportlist('available') can tell you whether the port of interest is "available"
serialport() objects appear to try to open the port as soon as you invoke serialport() . They do not have a connection status because serialport() fails if it is not able to open the port. The port stays open until you clear the serialport() object.
This is different than the older serial() objects, which had a specific fopen() and the properties could be examined to see if the serial() object was open.

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