Pure pursuit algorithm implementation from 2D camera image

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Dominika Krason
Dominika Krason on 19 Nov 2021
Edited: Dominika Krason on 21 Nov 2021
I want to implement pure pursuit algorithm but any example I find on the internet is from bird's eye view perspective and I don't reall know how to use it in my example.
From my camera image I have coordinates (x,y) of my marker and x,y of middle of my camera image. Can I (and if yes then how) implement it somehow in pure pursuit to make my robot follow the marker? I also know the realistic distance between my robot and the marker but I don't have the realistic coordinates of them on the plane.
Thanks for any help, because Im really lost at this point.
Here is a wiev of my dected marker, I have coordinates of its blue center and of the camera center that I marked as red dot.
And also the Peter Corke's simulink model I'd like to alter to use with my data.

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