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Simulink Build Error : Type mismatch in initial value

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I was getting build error as below, when I did not match the Data types.
Invalid output port data type. Data type of 'Output Port 4' of 'Integrated_HAL_BSW_ASW_ver1_05/BSW_ASW_Interface_INPUT/ASW to BSW Interface/Bus Selector1' is invalid.
The below picture shows the problematic area of my model. The output of the Stateflow is linked to the Bus selector.
Then I managed to match the data types, but now I am receiving the below error.
Type mismatch in initial value. Data 'PumpBatWp1Out_RPM' is set to be of type 'uint8' and its initial value '0' evaluated to type 'double'.
If I also have to match the initial value data type, how can I change the initial value data type? Please help me to solve this.
Thank you

Answers (1)

Stefanie Schwarz
Stefanie Schwarz on 15 Dec 2022
Edited: Stefanie Schwarz on 15 Dec 2022
Could you try to specify uint8(0) instead of just "0" as the initial value for 'PumpBatWp1Out_RPM' in the Stateflow Symbols Pane > Property Inspector? Otherwise, it is assumed that the 0 is double. 
More information on setting data properties for Stateflow:
More information on specifying Stateflow chart data properties using MATLAB Expressions can be found here:


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