Error " Cannot find S-function module 'joyinput' " when try to use in with ROS monitor and tune.

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I try to run a simulink model with ROS monitor and tune but it has a Error " Cannot find S-function module 'joyinput'. S-Function modules must exist as either source files or pre-compiled object files on the MATLAB path. " . It doesn't happen when I run this same model in normal simulation.

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Jan Houska
Jan Houska on 18 Nov 2021
Hi Chanokun,
if you run a model in monitor and tune mode, it means that the model is compiled into a binary executable which then runs on the target platform (in your case ROS). So this would mean that the joystick would have to be connected to the ROS target instead of your host machine, the joystick would have to be supported by ROS, and the joystick block would have to be able to generate a ROS-compatible code. At least the last condition is definitely not met, and the first two are probably neither.
Good Luck, Jan




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