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Kevin on 12 Nov 2021
Commented: Kevin on 12 Nov 2021
Hi everyone,
I am learning how to MATLAB Report Generator to generate PDF file. I am following the magic squares example in the documentation.
Once I have the variable "rpt", I have tried to generate PDF file using this command:
Q1: The above command always generates the PDF in the current folder. How do I change the folder?
Q2: If I delete the PDF file and run the above command a second time, it does not generate the PDF file. Is this expected.

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Kevin on 12 Nov 2021
After playing around with my matlab script a bit more, then I realize that my original question doesn not make sense.
It turns out that it is these lines that will create the pdf file (maybe 0 byte).
rpt =[mfilename('fullpath'), '.pdf']);
tp =;
tp.Title = 'Magic Squares';
tp.Subtitle = 'Columns, Rows, Diagonals: All Equal Sums';
tp.Author = 'Albrecht Durer';
Then it is the line that creates the final PDF file
Am I correct?


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