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Enable / Disable specific listbox item

Asked by Dan
on 13 Oct 2014
Latest activity Commented on by Dan
on 13 Oct 2014
Is there a way to disable an item in a listbox. Basically I want to have a listbox that displays a number of available items for selection but want a subset of these items to be greyed out (disabled).
I can (of course) just check for the forbidden item AFTER the user has selected it and tell him that this item is unavailable. But that seems in elegant. Alternatively, I could simply not list forbidden items to begin with but.... also inelegant.


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Answer by Image Analyst
on 13 Oct 2014
 Accepted Answer

You can't do that. The workarounds are the two you listed.


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Answer by Robert Cumming on 13 Oct 2014

By using this FEX you can make it look like things are disabled:
function test
myStr{1} = 'Allowed';
myStr{2} = str2html ( 'Not Allowed', 'italic', true, 'colour', '#A0A0A0' );
myStr{3} = 'Allowed';
myStr{4} = 'Allowed';
myStr{5} = 'Allowed';
allowed = [1 0 1 1 1]; % flags of items allowed or not.
uicontrol ( 'style', 'listbox', 'position', [0 0 400 200], 'String', myStr, 'Callback', {@checkcb allowed} )
function checkcb ( obj, event, allowed )
if allowed(obj.Value) == 0
errordlg ( 'Not allowed' );
obj.Value = find ( allowed, 1, 'first' );
See example image:

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Intriguing..... I'll give it a shot! thanks!

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