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Close all figures in 2014b

Asked by Rainer on 8 Oct 2014
Latest activity Commented on by Rainer on 9 Oct 2014
Pre 2014b, all figures can be closed with
close all
Doesn't seem to work with 2014b. Can someone help?


Do you have an example? Seems to work for me.
Sean de Wolski
on 8 Oct 2014
Works for me.

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1 Answer

Answer by Sean de Wolski
on 8 Oct 2014
Edited by Sean de Wolski
on 8 Oct 2014
 Accepted Answer

Perhaps you have a hidden figure (i.e. a figure whose 'HandleVisibility' is set to 'off')
This could happen in R2014a and before too, but a figure with this setting is not affected by close all. You need close all force to close these ones:
figure % Can be closed
figure('HandleVisibility','off'); % cannot be
close all % close handle visible ones
close all force % close all of them

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Rainer on 9 Oct 2014
Thanks Sean.

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