ginput error in matlab 2020a

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Biswaranjan Mohanty
Biswaranjan Mohanty on 3 Nov 2021
Answered: Walter Roberson on 20 Feb 2024
Code below works fine with matlab 2016. However there is an error when i am running in 2020a
scrsz = get(groot,'ScreenSize');
figure('Position',[1 1 scrsz(3)/.99 scrsz(4)/.99])
tempstart = 10000;
[x y] = ginput(2)
[x2 y2] = ginput(1)
Error using strfind
PATTERN must be a string scalar or character vector.
Error in contains (line 36)
tf = ~cellfun(@isempty, strfind(s, pattern));
Error in matlab.ui.internal.prepareFigureFor
Error in plotedit (line 124)
matlab.ui.internal.prepareFigureFor(varargin{1}, mfilename('fullpath'));
Error in uisuspend (line 48)
'ploteditEnable', plotedit(fig,'getenabletools'), ...
Error in ginput>setupFcn (line 213)
initialState.uisuspendState = uisuspend(fig);
Error in ginput (line 62)
initialState = setupFcn(fig);
Error in run_GetSingleTrialKluverMovementTimes_Bug_NewSDK (line 416)
[x y] = ginput(1)
Does it a bug in R2020a? Could someone guide me in the right direction.
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Rishav on 20 Feb 2024
Hi Biswaranjan,
I tested the code in MATLAB R2016b and R2020a, and for me it worked fine in both the versions.

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Answers (1)

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 20 Feb 2024
Error in contains (line 36)
tf = ~cellfun(@isempty, strfind(s, pattern));
... Except that contains is a built-in function and so would not show a traceback.
This suggests that you have a third-party function contains somewhere on your MATLAB path.




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