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using hw.deploy for xilinx

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Shaw on 3 Nov 2021
Commented: JT Ferrara on 16 Nov 2021
I am getting an error at hw.deploy step in the example "openExample('deeplearning_shared/ImageClassificationUsingDAGNetworkDeployedToFPGAExample')"
The eeror is:
Does this mean I don't have the the xilinx target board installed on vivado?
If so, how can I download? the specific "zcu102_single" that is used in the given example
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JT Ferrara
JT Ferrara on 16 Nov 2021
Hi Shaw,
Could you please post the entire error message you are seeing? In the image you posted, the error message is truncated after “***** Xilinx hw_server v2019.2”.
Thank you!

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