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control properties of app designer components from a Matlab function block of a Simulink model

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I would like to control the properties of some app designer components using a Matlab function block of my Simulink model. Is that possible? In case yes, could you provide how can I do it?
Thanks in advance for your comments.

Accepted Answer

Reshma Nerella
Reshma Nerella on 8 Nov 2021
From my understanding you want to control the components of an app from Simulink function block.
1.Create a function and add the code for modifying the required components properties. For example
function output = func1(input)
coder.extrinsic('func1') %add this line to bypass code generation and to not get the same message as error
if isempty(app) || ~isvalid(app)
app = app1; % create an instance of app
app.MessageEditField.Value = "Hello from Simulink!"; % Modify the properties
2. Call this function from the MATLAB function block of your Simulink model.
function y = fcn(u)
y = func1(u);
Hope this helps!

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