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Is it possible to use evaluateDe​tectionPre​cision to calculate precision and recall at a specific confidence threshold

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So I wanted to use evaluateDetectionPrecision function (here) to evaluate a detector. However, I wanted to obtain precision and recall at a specific confidence threshold, let's say 0.25. How can i do this?
The problem I have is that the precision and recall values that evaluateDetectionPrecision() outputs are the vectors to build the plot of the precision-recall curve. Do I just remove the boxes with confidence < 0.25 to zero before using the function evaluateDetectionPrecision(). And anotate the value of the last element of the recall and precision vector:
[ap, recall, precision] = evaluateDetectionPrecision(results, blds);
my_recall = recall(end)
my_precision = precision(end)
Thanks in advance.

Answers (1)

Anshika Chaurasia
Anshika Chaurasia on 6 Nov 2021
To calculate precision and recall at a specific threshold, you can set 'Threshold' as 0.25 (let's say) in detect function of the detector:
results = detect(detector,I,'Threshold',0.25)
[ap, recall, precision] = evaluateDetectionPrecision(results, blds);
The above threshold is detection threshold and hence, detections that have scores less than this threshold value will be removed.

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